Shah Rukh Khan will not go to Kapil Sharma show! Know why

Since Pathaan was in controversy for about two months, SRK was expected to promote the film everywhere on a whole new level, but that did not happen. The Pathan team including Deepika Padukone with SRK are trying to stay low with the promotion of the film pathaan.

John Abraham also seems to be gone and no one is seen actively promoting the film.
It is believed that SRK decided not to engage in media interactions or interviews and advised other team members to do so as well. Rumor say that King Khan recently turned down a reality show promotion. As it has been embroiled in controversy for no reason for a long time, it is said that it does not like the current promotion strategy.

According to an ETimes report, a source close to the development revealed that Shah Rukh Khan will not be attending Bigg Boss 16 also to promote Pathaan. According to sources, Bollywood’s Badshah prefers to reach out directly to her audience.

Khan previously promoted ‘Pathaan’ on Twitter during an AskSRK session. SRK also reportedly turned down comedian Kapil Sharma’s promotional offer for The Kapil Sharma Show.

Despite not actively promoting the film and having controversy, the film is expected to earn around Rs 30-35 crores on its opening day.

The film is directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Yash Raj Films. The film is scheduled for release on January 25, 2023.

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