Rishab Shetty says Rashmika Mandanna is ‘ungrateful’ for his contribution in her career!

The actor and filmmaker spoke briefly about the controversy surrounding Rashmika Mandanna’s comments that she had not seen her film, Kantara. Rashmika entered the film industry with Kirik Party directed by Rishab. Rashmika was on the edge of an online barrage of profanity after his comments were perceived as disrespectful to Rishab, who did not withdraw his forces and instead fanned the fire further.

Even his recent comments on this subject are by no means an attempt to address the trolling Rashmika is facing. In an interview with Mashable India, posted weeks after his original appearance on the Bombay Journey chat show, he was asked about Rashmika’s opinion of her Kantara and whether she felt ungrateful. He said, “It’s okay. Bahut saare Artist ko hum log leke aaye, aur humko bahut saare Director aur Producer ne opportunity diya hai, toh waisa hi list mein rahenge. Aage kuch nahi bolte (I don’t mind one. We started a lot of artists and a lot of directors and producers gave us a chance. There’s a long list of such people. Let’s not say any more).”

In a previous interview, Rashmika commented on her debut film and used air quotes to talk about its creators (i.e. Rishab and Rakshit Shetty). Her gesture was also perceived as rude, sparking a new wave of trolling. In an interview with Gulte, Rishab was given a list of female actors and she asked which of them would she work with. He names two others besides Rashmika and uses air citations to say “The main actor ko script likhne ke baad chooses karta hoon and doesn’t like aur mujhe ‘iss’ type ke actresses (actors decide once the script is over). I prefer to work with newcomers who come without hindrance. Actors like this, I don’t like.”

In a press interview, Rashmika was asked about the feud and she said, “I was asked if I had seen the movie two or three days after it premiered. I couldn’t go back then I saw it now and also sent a message to the team. They also thanked me for the message. The world doesn’t know what’s going on inside. You can’t put a camera on your private life and show it,” she said.

More recently, she said in an interview with the Bollywood Bubble that her way of speaking is lively and that some people may find it offensive. She also shared a post about the trolling she suffered from early in her career and how she decided it was enough. Rashmika recently appeared opposite Vijay in the film Varisu.

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