Renuka Shahane Birthday: other children were not allowed to play with Renuka Shahane when she was young

Renuka Shahane, a well-known actress in the Indian film and TV industry, is celebrating her birthday today on October 7. Renuka is celebrating her 56th birthday on Friday. Although Renuka became popular in every household with shows like ‘Surbhi’, ‘Circus’, ‘Antakshari’, her most talked about role was Madhuri Dixit in ‘Hum Apke Hai Koan’. Didi’s role. Salman Khan’s sister-in-law. Renuka is married to industry leading actor Ashutosh Rana which is her second marriage. Talking about Renuka’s personal life, her parents are also divorced and people used to joke a lot about the broken family.
People did not allow their children to play with them
Renuka Shahane was very young when her parents divorced. He said that this decision of his parents has influenced his life as well. Renuka had also said that people did not allow their children to play with her saying that she was a broken family.

‘My parents split up when I was 8’
In a special episode of Behensplaining on Netflix, Renuka shares some things related to her life. Renuka had said that some parents anchor their children to keep me separate. Renuka said, ‘My parents got separated when I was 8 years old. You know, back then people would look at us and say we came from a broken family. I’ve heard people say don’t play with them because they come from broken families. He said- Even if I had touched him, his family would have been destroyed.

Renuka Shahane has been married twice
Say that Renuka Shahana has also had two marriages. She was first married to Marathi drama writer and director Vijay Kenkare. However, this marriage did not last long and soon they broke up. After this, Ashutosh Rana entered Renuka Shahane’s life. It is said that Ashutosh Rana gave her heart at first sight to divorcee Renuka Shahane and this love turned into marriage.

Ashutosh and Renuka started getting close to each other
Ashutosh and Renuk met for the first time during the shooting of Hansal Mehta’s film. The two met because of singer Rajeshwari Sachdev. Then Ashutosh and Renuka started coming closer to each other. It is said that Ashutosh used to find time to recite poetry to Renuka, after which the actress proposed to him.

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