Pathaan First Day First Show to be to be screened at the iconic ‘Gaiety Galaxy’ in Mumbai, creating history

After a long wait of 4 years and 1 month, Shah Rukh Khan finally returns to the screen in the highly anticipated film, the Pathaan. The hype is only growing with time and meanwhile for the first time, one of Mumbai’s most famous theaters, Gaiety Galaxy, will step up releasing for a King Khan film.

For the ignorant, the Gaiety is a single screen theater with the first show at 12 noon. With approximately 1,000 seats, it is one of the largest theaters in India.

The Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club is the biggest fan club of the actor. Even Khan follows them. They shared the news via their Twitter account and passed it on to all their Mumbai-based fans. SRK’s Patan will be screened at Gaiety Galaxy on the first day of release at 9:00 am instead of the regular time at 12:00. According to a report by Box Office Worldwide, Yash Pariyani, co-founder of the mentioned fan club, confirmed that this is indeed happening.

The movie ‘Pathaan’ was embroiled in controversy from the beginning, especially after the first song ‘Besharam Lang’ was released. People protested against Deepika Padukone’s saffron bikini in the song, thinking it offended religious feelings. There was also a request to change the name of the film.

Pathaan is set to hit theaters on January 25th and the film will be part of Yash Raj Films’ espionage universe alongside Hrithik Roshan’s WAR and Salman Khan’s Tiger franchises. Salman’s special appearance has already been confirmed in the film, but speculation is still emerging as to whether Hrithik will appear.

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