Pathaan beats Bahubali 2 as the highest-grossing Hindi film of all time

Bollywood: It’s been 40 days that Pathaan was released in the theaters and ever since then, it’s doing wonders by breaking several records. However, the major aim of Pathaan was to leave behind Bahubali 2 which collected a historic earning of Rs 511 crore in the Hindi Markets. And guess what, Pathaan has successfully left behind Bahubali 2 amid being a post-covid film. Seems like nothing is impossible when Shah Rukh Khan does it.

On the morning of March 5, 2023, Pathaan finally overtook Bahubali 2 to become the number in the Hindi markets. Bahubali 2 enjoyed this title for a long time of 2138 days. Even though it has now been surpassed by Pathaan, Bahubali 2 will always be remembered as a historic phenomenon.

Interestingly, each film industry now has its own film at the top spot. Last year, the Tamil Film Industry broke Bahubali 2’s record with the release of Vikram, while in 2021, the Telugu and Kannada film industries achieved the same feat with RRR and KGF 2 respectively. It’s worth noting that Bahubali 2 held the top spot for 1792 days in the Telugu Film Industry, 1812 days in the Kannada Film Industry, and 1862 days in the Tamil Film Industry.