Mumbaikar movie review: Twist in review! What did first time watchers say?

Mumbaikar movie review. Photo Credit: Google

Mumbaikar: Mumbaikar movie review is being demanded by many even though many film critics and audience have not given good review about the film. The 123 minutes long film, available on jio cinema is an attempted remake of a South Indian film by Bollywood. The original film maanagaram was released in 2017 and is rated 8.1 on IMDb. People have compared both original and the remake and are not satisfied with the later one. However, star Vijay Sethupathi due to his soft spoken attitude along with his action has gained some love.

Mumbaikar story

The film stars Tamil superstar Vijay Sethupathi which makes the film has Bollywood debut film. Looking at most of the responses, it seems like he made a wrong choice while selecting his first Bollywood film. However, the film revolves around a kidnapping case which funnyly goes wrong. Followed by which four strangers in Mumbai get entangled with each other. One of them is a underworld don and another one is the kidnapper. Other than that it also includes a BPO office. It is a good thing that I did not release in the theatres or else it would have been a below average performing film at the box office.


First time watchers? Know mumbaikar movie review

However, when the trailer was released it had got quiet good response. It was released seven days ago and has successfully touched 10 million views on YouTube by today. It was released on 2 June for free on jio cinema. If you are someone who has watched the original film then you will find nothing new. You can however try it just for Vijay Sethupathi. If you are watching the film for the first time without watching the original one then it will be worth your time.

Not very interesting but not very boring. Both positive and negative response are coming from the audience side. The film has been directed by Santosh Sivan. You won’t be able to find Mumbaikar box office collection if you are looking for it, because it has not been released in the theatres. The budget of the movie is Rs 25 crore. The film is in Hindi and the original film was in the language Tamil.