MC stan instagram live viewers skyrocketed! Record breaking numbers

It hasn’t been many days that MC stan won Bigg Boss 16 and left every one in awe. Fans are not yet done processing it and now he is grabbing attention as he broke another record with his Instagram live and competed the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, BTS and others.

All the contestant played really well in the 16th season of Bigg Boss and finally were out on last Sunday full stop since them fans have been waiting for their favourite contestant to interact with them through Instagram live sessions. Meanwhile the contestants are serving exactly what fans Desire. MC Stan did the same.

First Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and contestant Archana Gautam as well as Abdul Rozik and Shalin Bhanot where seen interacting with their fans by going live on Instagram and collectively combined 1,51,000 viewers which was passed by MC stan alone with 5,41,000 live viewers making record!

With this he broke the record of Shah rukh Khan that was for 225k live viewers. He further has now been included in the top 10 most viewed Instagram live stream list.

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