KRK slams Mallika Sherawat’s claims, also says about Kangana Ranaut

KRK bashes Mallika Sherawat: Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and YouTuber KRK, who flaunted Bollywood film stars, has recently said something that surprised everyone. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kamal R Khan, who often points fingers at the film industry, has slammed actress Mallika Sherawat in a tweet on social media. Kamal R Khan has pulled up Mallika Sherawat’s statement. In which she said that Bollywood’s A-lister stars used to refuse to work with her because she could not compromise.

Mallika Sherawat exposed the dark face of Bollywood

Mallika Sherawat He made many sensational revelations in this interview. Describing the A-lister heroes of the film industry, the actress said, ‘If a hero calls you at 3 o’clock in the night and asks you to come to my house, then you will have to go. If you are part of that circle and you are working together then you have to go. If you don’t go then you understand that you are out of the film.

KRK targets Mallika Sherawat-Kangana Ranaut

Now KRK has targeted this statement of Mallika Sherawat by asking serious questions. He tweeted and wrote, ‘Today Mallik Sherawat said – no heroine can get a film unless she sleeps with a hero. Kangana Ranaut had also said the same thing. Now the question is why these actresses are spewing this truth now. When is his career over? And it is the choice of the actress whether she accepts this offer or not. These tweets of KRK are currently in a lot of discussion on social media. You can see these tweets here.

For those who are not aware, let us tell you that Mallika Sherawat is promoting her film RK, RK these days. However, this film has not been able to perform very well at the box office. But the actress is making headlines due to her statements.

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