Kate Middleton named Princess of Wales after Queen’s death

In his first public speech after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Charles III announced that his successor, Prince William, had now become Prince of Wales, and that Kate Middleton had been named Princess of Wales, a title previously held by the late Princess Diana.

Charles said Friday, “Today I am proud to have made him the Prince of Wales Tywysog Cymru.

“Having Catherine by her side will help draw those around us to a central ground where our new Prince and Princess of Wales can continue to inspire, guide and provide important assistance to our national dialogue.”

Elsewhere in the speech, Charles specifically mentioned his young son, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, saying that the two expressed “his love” as they continued their lives in California.

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana in polka dots
Kate Middleton is the new Princess of Wales after the late Diana.
British Press via Getty Images

The newly-appointed 73-year-old monarch said in a pre-recorded message, “I speak today with deep sorrow.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Prince George
Charles III also announced that his heir, Prince Charles, would become the Prince of Wales.
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Charles went on to say, “We owe her the most sincere debt a family owes her for her love and affection, guidance, understanding and example.” “Queen Elizabeth lived well and was a promise kept by her destiny, and she mourned her most deeply when she passed away. Today I renew my promise of lifelong service to everyone.”

The king, who received the new title shortly after Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral Castle, praised the deceased mother’s “deep personal devotion that defined her life,” adding that “she sacrificed her duty.”

“Her dedication and dedication never wavered through times of change, of progress, of joy and celebration, of sorrow and loss,” he said.

Charles will begin his tour of England ahead of the funeral of the late monarch, which is part of Britain’s 10-step “Operation London Bridge” plan. Although he won’t be officially appointed king until Saturday morning, royal writer Tina Brown believes he’ll be a surefire leader for Page Six.

“Actually, I think he’ll go his own way,” said Tina Brown, author of “Palace Papers.” “I think he will be a good king.”

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