Justin Roiland: Adult Swim has dropped Rick and Morty co-creator over domestic violence allegations

American TV channel Adult Swim has dropped Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland as he prepares to defend himself against domestic violence allegations against his ex-girlfriend.

Mr Roiland voiced the title character in the Emmy Award-winning animated sitcom about a scientist and his grandson.

Adult Swim said the show would continue without him for a seventh season as his role was reportedly recast.

Mr Roiland denies all the allegations. A trial date has not yet been set.

A statement released on Tuesday said: “Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland.

“Rick and Morty will continue. The talented and dedicated crew are hard at work on season seven.”

According to a criminal complaint from the Orange County Attorney’s Office obtained by The Associated Press, 42-year-old Justin Roiland was charged with endangering a woman, fraud, assault or deception for bodily harm and false imprisonment. The woman in the complaint is said to have been living with the co-producer of ‘Rick and Morty’ at the time. Although the woman was not named, Roiland pleaded not guilty.