Christian Siriano cancelled shows and moved them on new dates just for Janet Jackson

Time does not wait for a person. But it definitely stops for Janet Jackson.

Designer Christian Siriano has moved the entire New York Fashion Week to the beginning of this week for superstars to attend, Page Six reported.

“I usually do shows on the same fashion week as on Saturdays, but earlier this year, according to her schedule, I had a show on Wednesday. He said, ‘If Janet comes, it doesn’t matter if there are 10 people, we’ll do it,’” said an insider.

Needless to say, she made a sensation at an event held at Elizabeth Taylor’s townhouse.

In fact, there were a bunch of such photographers around Jackson, one of whom was sarcastic about people enjoying their reflected glory.

Journalist Derek Blasberg and editor Nina Garcia (both not known to walk away from the lens) had the pleasure of sitting between Jackson. One photographer said above his head, “Those two are going to eat up all this publicity they’re going to get.”

Meanwhile, on Cyrano’s show this season, her appearance has gone green (like the color of envy).

Another source told Page Six that many designers had begged the Jackson team to persuade her to stay in town so she could come to the show. And naturally, I gave her her shower for free to convince her to accept her invitation.

Siriano, whom we hear of having never met a “Rhythm Nation” singer before, even though she’s worn his tunes in the past, entertained her at dinner after the show.

Model Coco Rocha enjoying red wine at dinner by Christian Siriano in black.
Coco Rocha toasts “Project Runway” graduate Siriano’s collection at a private dinner after the show.
Sarah Kerrence

Coco Rocha, Leigh Lezark, Maye Musk, Kyle Smith, Candice Huffin and Jasmine Poulton also dined together and added the glasses to the collection more than once.

Coco Rocha toasting to a room full of people at Christian Siriano's private dinner
Rocha leads friends and supporters to more toasts about Siriano and his latest creations.
Sarah Kerrence

Dinner ended at 9:30 PM and the party continued at the Paradise Club in Times Square Edition, where the DJ played Jackson’s songs non-stop.

A source at the club said Jackson “appears to be having a good time”.

Jackson also attended the Harlem Fashion Row event at Lincoln Center the evening before the Siriano show on Tuesday, where LVHM won “Icon of the Year” award.

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