Exclusive: This is what Kareena Kapoor Khan said on giving pregnancy tips to Alia Bhatt

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha is ready for release soon. Kareena Kapoor describes this film as very special in her career as she has to undergo a screen test for the first time for this film. Kareena has shared many special things related to this film, career, industry. Excerpts from a conversation with Urmila Kori.

Lal Singh Chaddha is based on the Hollywood film Forest Gump made in the 90s, what do you like about this film?
The story of Forrest Gump is a story of love. For two decades in the film, Forrest is seen searching for his love Jenny, while in Laal Singh, you are seen searching for Lal, Roopa in the story. Laal Singh Chaddha has been adapted very beautifully. The way Atul has written the story of the film, he has written the screenplay. He is awesome. My character in the film is very layered. There is no more layered character in that film than him.
When did you first see Forrest Gump and what was your reaction?
Saw it only in the 90’s. I find this a very timeless film. If you still watch that film, it is modern and interesting. You can see Forest Gump anytime, it will always look modern to you. I think its story is such that after 20 years someone can make a film on it again.
Did you say yes to Lal Singh Chaddha because of Aamir’s name being associated?
Aamir doesn’t work like this at all. They never say that I am in the film, then do the film. They always say that listen to the story first. Listen now. He gave a four-hour narration of this film, due to which I said yes to the film. I also had to give a screen test for this film so that I can show that I am perfect for the older part.
What kind of growth do you see in Aamir, you have been working with him continuously?
I think Aamir comes from a completely different mindset. Their way of working is very different. He is very passionate about his films. You will never be able to see the real Aamir from his film Rakh to Lal Singh Chaddha. Aamir’s strength is that he portrays something different in each of his films. Whether his films are good or bad, Aamir will always find you in a different style.
You shot this film in pregnancy?
I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you like it, then you work. I think this is the power of a woman. There is nothing which we cannot do. Covid was on. We were at home for one and a half years, it was not known whether the film would be made or not or would be stuck but Aamir was very supportive. Aamir took full care of everyone. There was constant testing on the set, so everything went smoothly.
Have there been any changes in the scenes of the film because of your pregnancy?
Once the script is locked, Aamir does not change anything, so there was no change in this film too.
These days Alia’s pregnancy is in the headlines, will you give pregnancy tips to Alia?
Why should I give tips to Alia? I didn’t like it when people gave me tips.
Do box office numbers give you pressure after spending 22 years in the industry?
Now it is not just a matter of box office numbers, nowadays the scenario has completely changed. Nowadays the whole matter is on the content. The films of stars are flopping, whose films are good, they are running.
What do you think is the reason why the stars are not able to appeal to the audience?
Yes, nowadays it is not making any difference whether there are stars or not. A new trend has started after Kovid. Everyone wants good content. People have been spoiled by OTT somewhere, people are getting to see good content at the click of a button. There is tremendous content on every platform and the actors are performing tremendously. People think that when there is no content of that type, then why should we go to the theater, anyway every theater film has to come on OTT after three to four weeks, then the theater experience will happen only if the whole family sees the film. will go. The family will go only when the content is good, it does not matter whether the film is Aamir Khan or a budding actor.
Do you not think it necessary to have stardom for cinema?
The most important thing for cinema is good content. The story will be good with this trend. Actors will also be good. It is not that there are films of stars, so it has to be done. This same attitude will also not remain. Actors will also start working more now. They will not compromise on the content at all. Which is the best thing.
You are also doing a project for OTT, what is its status?
I am doing a Netflix film. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The shooting of the film is over. The film should be released on Netflix by December or January. Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma are with me in the film. The film is based on the book Devotion of Suspect. It’s a wonderful story. This is the reason why I am associated with this project as well as it is a different experience to work with different and fresh actors, you saw me working with many superstars like Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar.
How did the actors make them feel comfortable on the sets of this film so that they don’t get influenced by your stardom?
I think there are no stars in OTT, all are actors. Everyone’s position is known, because when the camera is on, you have to perform. If you watch OTT at home, you get to see everything there. The big screen thing is different. In OTT, you have to perform in such a way that you have to engage the audience with yourself, because many times the audience is watching something in OTT while doing something at home. You have to engage the audience in that. Which only a good actor can do.
You will soon be seen in Koffee With Karan, what secrets are you going to bring to the public?
I have left all the secrets to the young actors. My episode might be boring, whatever the secrets want to see, but I am happy.

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