Chup Movie Review: Amazing performance delivered by the actors, Sunny Deol wins everyone’s heart

Chup movie review : Chup The Artist’s Revenge


Cast – Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwantri, Pooja Bhatt, Sunny Deol and others

Rating two and a half

Chup movie review: Director R Balki has always been giving priority to out of league subjects in his films. This time too, he has given a different subject a place in his story as well as for the first time he has coined the story in the thriller genre. For which he should be praised because every director is trying the formula of remakes and sequels for success in the current era, but Balki believes in originality. Concept level Absolutely different, the film manages to make noise of its presence in spite of a few flaws.

Psycho killer hai story

The story of the film is of a psycho killer Danny (Dulquer Salmaan). Which is selectively killing film critics. Those who tell a good film as bad and bad as good for their own benefit. Crime Branch chief Mathur (Sunny Deol) gets the responsibility of catching this murderer. Along with this story, a love story also goes on. Will Mathur be able to bring the psycho killer to his end? What will happen to his love story. It is in the next film. This film talks about the role of film critics as well as their responsibility in the world of cinema. The film also pays tribute to the classic director Guru Dutt in his own style. His indelible mark is visible in the music, dialogue, scenes and lights. Which has emerged as a great aspect of this film. Although this question also comes to mind that Kagaz Ke Phool was not Guru Dutt’s last film, even after that he made successful films like Fourteenth Ka Chand and Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam.

The film has gone wrong on these aspects

The story of the film is predictable. At the very beginning of the film, it tells you who the psycho killer is. He also has a bad past, watching the film, you get to understand that too. It is sad that what you have seen in the trailer of the film. The same is in the film as well. Dulquer Salmaan’s character in the film has a double personality. Sebastian is one character who is the other. Not much has been written on it, how did that character come into it. Why did Sebastian wait 10 years to get his revenge? When his film was rejected by the critics, why didn’t he take revenge at that time. The film is unable to answer all these things. The climax of the film has also remained weak.

There is a lot of case on these aspects.

The story of the film is predictable, but the dialogues make this story interesting. Along with laughing the dialogues of the film, sometimes the dark truth of the society also comes to the fore. It would not be wrong to say this. Amit Trivedi’s music is relaxing. The songs of Kagaz Ke Phool Jaane Kya Tune and Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Jaye Hai have been used very beautifully in the film. The cinematography of the film has brought Mumbai to the screen in a very beautiful way. Some of the scenes are spectacular. Along with dialogues, music, cinematography, background music is also superb.

Artists have given amazing performance

Talking about acting, Dulquer Salmaan has given a great performance. In his character, one moment he is a murderer who commits brutal murders, then another moment he becomes a lover. Who gives smiling tulip flowers to his girlfriend every day. He has lived the duality of his character with great ease. When Shreya Dhanwantri leaves her mark on screen, her mother Saranya wins hearts. After a long time in films, Deol appears different from his familiar style at the beginning of the film. However, in the last twenty minutes of the film, he comes in his macho image. Which is nice to see. Actress Pooja Bhatt joins the film after the interval, but she plays her character with utmost sincerity. If it is R Balki’s film, then Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in a guest role and he leaves a mark in that role as well.

see or not see

The story of the film remains weak, but due to the excellent performance and beautiful cinematography, interesting dialogues and great music, this different subject film is a must-watch.

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