Box office collection dhamaka: know if it did ‘dhamaka’ in box office on Day 1,2,3

In this post we will see what the total collection of Dhamaka box office collection is. How much is the total collection of films Dhamaka’s Telugu Industry? We also check when the film will be on the online platform and what the total expected collection is. Join us for the last time through this post for all the information about the Dhamaka Box Office Collection.

The Dhamaka movie was released on 23rd December. According to the officials, the Telugu collection of the film is 4 core 40 lakh. Ravi Teja’s last film was Ramaraw on Duty. Ramaraw on duty was also famous at the time. However, the collection on the first day of film Dhamaka is less than that on the first day of Ramaraw. This may be because of the circus launch, but Ravi Teja’s fans are all over the country. So they can’t compromise this Dhamaka movie with any movie. Ravi Teja’s craze is the best.

Box office collection Dhamaka movie overview

Dhamaka movie collection

The lesser Dhamaka film box office collection of this film, one of the main reasons is that this film has a limited screen release in Andhra Pradesh. Dhamaka Movies Box Official Collection is said to be good in Andhra Pradesh. The collection of films is very good because the films are released during and during the festival.

Dhamaka Box Office Collection

However, it can be seen that the entire collection is good. If future Dhamaka movie box office collections can be a good way to go. According to officials, it can earn up to 100 crore, which will be known in the future. Another reason is that this movie doesn’t show many advertisements in North Korea. The South industry also said that the Cirus film did not show much hype at the box office compared to the Dhamaka film. In the future, the film may touch the record of the century. But so far the performance is good.

Dhamaka Film Budget

The total budget of the Dhamaka film is 40 crore. The product coast of the film is 38 crore. And a small print and advertising cost only 2 crore. Dhamaka film budget is not very high. They expected the movie budget to come in soon. According to the collection on the first day, the cost of the movie will be recovered within a week, and the other will be the profit of the movie.

Upon its release, many critics reacted negatively to the film. Rather, the film succeeds at the highest box office the day after its release. That’s why Ravi Teja was also called a mass fuller. He is one of the biggest superstars in the southern industry. Ravi Teja is known for action.

Dhamaka Film Day 2 Collection

The estimated worldwide collection is 15-16 crore until the official says. The film RRR No. 1 set the record for the highest box office in India. The film grossed an estimated $122 million from collections on the day. Although Dhamaka films earn less than estimates. The collection on the second day has not been recorded so far, but the film is said to earn over 7 crore the next day. The craze on the second day continues to cheer everyone up.

Ravi Teja New Movie Collection

It is said that Dhamaka films can earn more than many films in the southern industry. Ravi Teja will also work with Pan India. Famous director Namsi is making this film. The name of the movie is Tiger Nageshwar Rao. So this is all about the Dhamaka movie box office collection. If you like this post, please share it with others.

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