Arslan Goni broke silence on the rumors of secret marriage with Sussanne Khan, said this

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan is in the news these days for her personal life. She is dating actor Arslan Goni. Recently, both were on vacation, whose pictures they shared on their Insta account. Arslan Goni does not like to talk about his personal life and his relationship with interior designer Sussanne Khan. Now the actor has spoken on the reports in which the couple is planning to get married quietly soon.

Arslan Goni said on the news of marriage

A recent report claimed that the couple is planning to get married secretly soon. In a special conversation with Hindustan Times about these reports, he said, “I do not want to talk about this. I do not like to talk about my personal life. I do not know who has talked about it. Morning The first tag I saw on Instagram in the morning was this.”

I don’t even want to give zero comment on this

He further said, “I do not know who has written about it and from where did they come to know. I will ask them to tell me also who took this decision and when and where…. I do not even want to give zero comment on this. ” This is because he does not want to bring much limelight to his relationship with Sussanne Khan.

Arslan and Suzanne have returned from California

Arslan and Suzanne had recently returned to Mumbai after a summer vacation from California. Arslan continued, “I haven’t sat down and have consciously decided not to talk about my personal life. Anyway, I don’t like to talk about my personal life, even with my friends.” I don’t share. I am this type of person. Anyway, there is a lot of talk around my personal life.”

my personal life is good too

He further said, “My personal life is also good, so my work life is also good. Also I am trying to hide anything. I am not accountable to anyone for my personal life. But I am not showing any of it. Don’t want to. I don’t want to be such a person. This (personal life) is left with us as an actor.”

I check comments sometimes

Arslan Goni quipped that people are doing a lot of research about their relationship and these pictures are there to tell the whole story. He said, “From earlier speculations to trollers to receiving positive comments about my personal life, it comes with a peaceful spirit, I check comments occasionally and it’s quite nice to see that anyone Hate is not being thrown at us.” For the time being, he wants to focus on his work and is excited about his upcoming projects.

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