AR Rahman was stopped midway concert by local Police in Pune, what was the reason? know

Music composer AR Rahman’s recent concert in Pune was made to stop by local city police. This happened on Saturday night while Rahman was performing at the Phoenix Market City mall. The police stepped on the state during the performance for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules and continuing the concert after 10 Pm. Police claimed the venue was overcrowded due to mall management’s failure to comply with COVID-19 regulations as well.

Commenting on the incident, AR Rahman shared what had happened on the stage. He posted a video that showed police coming on stage and stopping the performance. The musician expressed his disappointment at the turn of events and said that the situation was sad. Rahman however thanked entire pune city and fans for their support and said he looks forward to performing again in Pune soon. The incident sparked a debate on social media about the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols and the role of police in such situations.

Rehman clarified things through a video that nothing had happened it was just that they went overtime. He shared a video in which he can be seen saying “Okay. I think we overpoured love and we are overboard the time. That’s it, we are done. Timing is over. I like this. Thank you city of Pune, the organisers, and the amazing band.”