Anupama Today Episode: After insulting Anupama, Pakhi reaches Anuj’s house, Vanraj gets angry

Anupama Spoiler 6 August: In the superhit serial ‘Anupama’, Barkha is upset about what Anuj is going to announce. On the other hand, the Shah family celebrates Rakshabandhan and during this time Dolly becomes very emotional. Kavya, Kinjal, Dolly and Babuji decide to go to Kapadia House.

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In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, it will be shown that Barkha listens to Anuj and Samar’s words. Samar thanks Anuj for helping him financially for his business tender. Anuj explains to her that he sincerely hopes that he will do a great job. Barkha thinks that she is so kind to Anupama’s children.

Vanraj sent Pakhi to Kapadia House

Vanraj explains to his daughter Pakhi that what he did was a mistake, but he has helped her a lot. Vanraj says that due to this fight, Kapadia will not be able to come to Shah family anymore and it is good. At the same time, Vanraj does not forbid Pakhi from going to Kapadia’s house.

Pakhi reached Kapadia House

Vanraj tells Leela that if he had stopped Pakhi from going there, she would have created a ruckus again and might have gone into depression. Seeing Pakhi at her house, Anupama asks the reason for her coming. Little Anu gets happy seeing Pakhi and takes her inside the house. Pakhi feels that Anupama forgave her, but Anupama makes it clear in front of her that she did not forgive him.

Anupama told this to Pakhi

Anupama reminds him how he asked her to leave the house. Along with all those bad things that Pakhi had said to her mother. Anupama says, you taunt Anu, don’t you, but my new daughter understood me as much in a few days as you understood me in years. Your mother is not helpless like you.

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