Ocean Planet Discovery: Discovery of an exoplanet, ocean planet 100 light-years away from Earth covered in a thick layer of water

Washington: Scientists have discovered a ‘sea planet’ that reminds you of a sci-fi movie. According to information, this planet is located at a distance of 100 light years from Earth and is covered by a thick layer. Its composition is reminiscent of some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Its size and mass is greater than that of Earth, and it is so far from the star that life is not possible here. TOI-1452 b is an exoplanet orbiting one of two smaller stars in a binary system located in the constellation Draco.

It was discovered by an international team of researchers led by Charles Cadieux, PhD student at Université de Montréal and member of the Research Institute on Exoplanets. It was discovered by NASA’s space telescope, TESS, which surveys the entire sky in search of nearby planetary systems. A signal from TESS shows a slight decrease in brightness every 11 days, allowing astronomers to detect the existence of a planet 70 percent larger than Earth.

The host star of an exoplanet smaller than the Sun
This exoplanet’s host star, TOI-1452, is much smaller than our Sun and very similar to another star in the binary system. The two stars orbit each other at a distance of 97 astronomical units. Because of their very small distance, the TESS telescope sees them as a point of light. After several observations, astronomers discovered that TOI-1452 b is orbiting TOI-1452.

Perhaps similar to Earth, but completely different
Experts believe that TOI-1452 b may be a rocky planet like our Earth, but its size, mass and density show that it is quite different from our world. Earth is a very dry planet. It is called the ‘Blue Planet’ as 70% of its surface is covered by sea. Recently, NASA’s most powerful telescope, the James Webb, detected CO2 in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time.

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